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Guidelines for citing your trans colleague. How to talk about her when she’s not in the room.

CW: deadnaming, discrimination, misgendering

Transitioning has been such a positive experience for me that it makes me regret that it took so long for me to “break my egg” (as the youths are calling it these days). …

How mourning my father helped prepare me for life in a pandemic

In July my family marked the second anniversary of my father’s death. I drove down to San Diego with my daughter so we could spend a few days with my mother, in the home where I lived for much of my childhood. We lit candles, spoke words of memory, and…

How a few simple words can produce existential trauma for trans people and what you can do to help them.

Image credit: Rafael Leão on Unsplash

Something like this happens to all of us at some point in our transition:

“You have to give us more time. It’s very hard for us to adjust to this.” This from my mother-in-law, after over a year of me being in transition. When she deadnames or misgenders me, it…

Addressing common concerns about allowing transgender authors to change their names on previously published work

By Theresa Jean Tanenbaum, Robyn Speer, Irving Rettig, Teddy G. Goetz, Z Toups, Katta Spiel, & B.M. Watson

Image Credit: Flickr User SEO, Creative Commons

As transgender, nonbinary, and gender-non-conforming (henceforth, trans) authors and scholars, we all struggle to properly receive credit for our contributions to scholarship in the sciences and humanities. At some point in our…

A list of dumb things I think about doing with my testicles as a transgender woman.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled social commentary and Serious Discussion About Trans Equality to discuss something fundamentally silly: what to do with my testes after my orchiectomy.

Photo by the author. “Henry Hoke’s Load of Balls”, as seen in:

Being trans in a transphobic society isn’t always easy. We are at higher risk for a litany of terrible things: assault, rape, harassment…

I fell in love with another trans woman, and I’m still catching my breath.

My love is a thistle, tenacious and beautiful
Her mysteries forever unfolding, through prismatic personas
aspects of past traumas etched in her bones
My love was a soldier and a peacemaker
and a caretaker
And she’ll regale you with stories of far off lands
Music flows through her hands
which I know are strong enough
to stitch me…

People who push the idea that trans women are “socialized male” should walk a mile in my shoes.

“The Ghost of Genders Past” — an unintentional collaboration between me and my smartphone’s memory card.

I’ve been a girl my whole life, but I didn’t always know it. As a result, many of my childhood experiences were defined by cognitive dissonance. Growing up as a trans girl is like being gaslit by the whole world and still finding the strength and confidence to say “No…

Just by considering that you might be trans, you are doing something powerful and beautiful!

I got this tattoo years before I was ready to call myself trans. It allowed me space to talk about my gender questioning with other people, before I’d really figured out what I wanted.

I want to talk to the gender questioning folks out there. Questioning your identity can feel like you’re slowly unravelling. But it can also feel like you’re finally putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

You don’t need to know that truth all at once. And you don’t owe that…

Theresa Jean Tanenbaum

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