You act as though I've demanded that all of my family members cut off a finger to demonstrate their care for me. I'm not asking people to break any laws. I'm not asking people to do anything that could damage or harm themselves or anyone else.

I'm asking that the people who love me take the time to care for me by calling me by my name. I'm asking that those who struggle to do so spend a few moments thinking about that until their first impulse isn't to thoughtlessly do something harmful to me.

I believe this is quite literally the least I should expect from my friends and family.

Perhaps you should spend some time reflecting on why someone asking for care from their loved ones makes you so angry? Does the idea of having to spend time in thought about the consequences of your own behavior to the people around you make you uncomfortable? If so, perhaps you should seek some support for that? In the meantime, I suspect that you are missing out on a lot of love and connection due to your own rigidity.

You have my compassion.

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